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Test automation is essential for Agile development!

Continuous testing is indispensable to ensure quality within the iterative development style of Agile development teams. Without test automation, teams find it difficult or impossible to keep up with the ever-increasing scope of application functionality. Eventually testers become separated from the rest of the agile team as they struggle to complete testing for each build. Once they fall behind, the entire agile team loses the benefit of a continuous testing program.

The IconATG Test Automation Accelerator: A solution that enables agile testing with IBM Rational Functional Tester!

  • ENABLE test case development concurrent with requirement definition
  • ENABLE side-by-side coding and testing
  • ENABLE the whole team to contribute to testing
  • ENABLE comprehensive automated regression
  • ENABLE collaboration for acceptance-test driven development
  • ENABLE integration the newest Rational Jazz® tools, including RQM

Record and playback is not a solution for Agile development. You need to have a test automation solution that will provide real-time support!

Support product quality and agile team needs with a testing solution that will support testing each incremental delivery as well as regression testing. Enable all members of your agile team to work in sync so they are able tofocus on the goals of the current iteration/sprint.

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IconATG provides consulting, training, and coaching in software development process, best practices, and automation. Our mission is to improve the performance of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) by providing the guidance and practical experience to allow you to successfully adopt modern software development practices. We develop short and long-term, practice-based improvement strategies that focus on improving the productivity and skill levels of your people.

Key Advantages of IconATG Services

As an IBM Business Partner, IconATG:

  • Provides lowest cost on IBM Rational Solutions
  • IBM Certified Consultants provide consulting services at significant savings
  • Provides critical skills training and process tailoring to maximize your effectiveness
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