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I am an IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) automation expert. Over the years I have had opportunities to either implement or to provide consulting services to design and implement (Java) a testing automation framework for GUI and database testing with Rational Functional Tester.  In addition to offering expertise in automation frameworks  I can help you with SDLC and QA overall. Leverage this test automation solution to enable early test case engineering and support an agile test-driven development methodology. Contact me for a strategic, long-term test automation resource that abstracts the application under test from the test automation solution to mitigate the impact of application development on the ability to perform an effective regression test.

-Michael Richardson
The test automatoin framework is built for IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT).   RFT

Record and playback of scripts is not a test automation solution!
  • Leveraging the concept of keyword-driven testing the framework provides a solution to enable your client (or an in-house business owner), as well as your business analysts, to contribute to test cases early in the software development life cycle. This early definition of test cases can support your agile development approach with test driven development.
    • Allow testers to spend more time on analysis of software requirements and creative test case design
    • Test a broad range of business scenarios rather than being limited to the few happy path scenarios and special tests (risk based) that can be done within a limited amount of time

  • Test cases are designed in Excel and then executed by Rational Functional Tester. There is no need for your test case designers to concern themselves with the script execution programming. I will train a member of your team to develop and maintain the code that executes your keyword commands.
I can provide you with a customized solution within 3-6 months and leave your organization with a resource that utilizes keyword test commands that are based on your application features.

Test Automation Goals:
  • Be a resource that will allow the teams to maximize testing coverage for the application under test (AUT) within a limited time frame; or at least, in a ‘minimal’ amount of time
  • The automation testing framework / foundation can be used as the application continues to evolve
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Library of ‘Operational’ and ‘Task’ scripts
  • Support for multi-day or multi-cycle test cases
  • ‘Filler-data’ generator - Data that isn’t relevant to the test case, but is required by the application
  • Isolate the test case design from user interface field and control changes

Testing Life Cycle

Test Process
  • A test case engineer can design test cases in Excel so that test data may be created or manipulated using Excel functions. A snapshot of the test case catalog is exported to a .csv file.
  • The test cases are imported to an RFT data pool for execution
  • A ‘dispatcher’ program is run to dispatch commands to operational- or task-level scripts

See a related article on connecting IBM RFT test scripts to a database.