Michael H. Richardson

Michael Richardson
Certified Solution Designer (CSD)

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IBM Rational Consultant (CSD)

As an IBM Certified Solution Designer for Rational Unified Process 7.0 I can provide training and support your use of Rational Method Composer (RMC). My experience also includes Rational Requirements Composer (RRC), RequisitePro, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Quality Manager (RQM) and Rational Functional Tester (RFT).

SAFe Consultant

I have acquired expert-level technical and strategic experience using Rational Team Concert (RTC) for software delivery. I can support your enterprise (even if you have thousands of developers and a global organization) in the rollout and adoption of work item management, planning and source control with RTC.

I enjoy working with agile IT projects that have a focus on quality. I have always believed that Quality Assurance and Test teams could, and should, contribute throughout all phases of any software delivery lifecycle. The new Rational tools build on the Jazz platform to support lifecycle projects and enable the test team to be fully engaged by way of Rational Quality Manager (RQM). Agile software delivery supports that belief. Test-Driven and Acceptance Test-Driven Development (TDD, ATDD) enable the tester to make significant contributions. Change is opportunity, Quality Assurance and Test teams must seize the opportunity in agile!
Rational Functional TesterI have implemented a great test automation framework using IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT). I propose that I can implement a keyword-driven framework that will provide you with a terrific return on your investment.

The test automation framework will enable efficient implementation of an automated testing capability using commands that are a natural part of your business language. This solution will help your teams succeed with agile test-driven development.  Support those assuming Quality Assurance / test roles and let them contribute to requirement quality and identifying the full scope of business scenarios and rules with early test case development.
Even with all the tooling and automation provided with the current generation of tools we still find that there is often a need to generate documentation that captures a point-in-time snapshot of a project. I have been working with Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) (and BIRT) to automate the production of documentation that is needed for audits, regulatory compliance, or to simply satisfy a contract clause. With most tools providing an XML data source RPE is an ideal platform that can merge data from multiple sources into a single document. RPE also provides the flexibility to format documents as needed and can generate those documents in multiple formats for publishing.